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based in central London / N1 / traveling around the world

Wedding Films

about you the original and unique story that is created in the faith of my passion.
Each of you are different. That unique quality helps me touch your individual character to develop great story.



As videographer I work for weddings and commercials. These two creative sections I estimate individually to exact project.

My pricing for weddings in Poland starts at 950 Euro + travel expenses for 2019

Pricing for weddings in UK and other countries starts at 1.900 Euro

Quotes for other creative projects will be estimated within concept synopsis.

What will we get from you?

The product about you the oryginal and unique wedding story that is created in the faith of my passion as individuals you are.

Usually it is 3 – 5 min high-light and about 30 min short film.

Shall we meet?

I would love to! That’s really helpful to engage emotionally and know you better.

It’ll be relaxing time so no stress as I am friendly to whole nature environment:)

Otherwise we can chat on Skype, WhatsApp etc.

Timing and booking?

Just simply ask and I’ll give you feedback as soon as possible. Regarding to weddings we sign a contract and you’ll pay deposit in advance.

Other Art projects will be considered after the recce and available budget.

Do you work remotely abroad?

Yes indeed! I love to be in motion, the journey impact creatively on the final effect of my work.

Do you do session before the wedding day?

I am more then happy to shoot day before. It might be an hour or two that gives me a chance to capture really unique moments.

No extra charge for that as it’s all included.

What information do you need to shoot other creative projects?

I need all possible details about your shoot:

Location – even if you don’t know the actual location just the type i.e urban, rural etc. Proposed schedule or shooting date (even if this is approximate).
What is the subject of the shoot – people, cars, property etc.
Do you require video, stills photography or both?



London: +44 77 06 82 45 78
Poland: +48 574 190 862
Tomasz Preficz