Questions you may need to ask me


Your query will be estimated individually to deliver best production value with your budget. Send me your Script or Concept Synopsis to estimate quote to exact project


Subjects I love to be involved

Art / Documentary / Music / Short Films / Sound Design / Visual / Wild Life

Video for the Stream:

Communities and Organisations I work for

Charity / Commercial / Corporate

Shall We Meet?

Sure! Let’s pop out for coffee

Otherwise we can chat on Skype, WhatsApp etc

Do you do Motion Animation?

Yes. I work in Adobe After Effects confident to create lower third texts and motion animations examples shown below.

Writing & Directing?

I am happy to invent an idea from the scratch, only few conceptual words describing your thought shall be enough to develop unique story. I feel comfortable in Screenwriting and Directing for dark comedy’s on first place.

Timing And Booking?

Just simply ask and I’ll give you respond ASAP. Usually we’ll sign a contract and you’ll pay down payment in advance

Other Creative Projects will be considered after the recce and available budget

Do You Work Remotely Abroad?

I love to be in motion. Journey itself impact creatively on the final effect of my work

What Information Do You Need To Shoot For Other Creative Project?

I need all possible details about your shoot:

Location – even if you don’t know the actual location just the type i.e urban, rural etc. Proposed schedule or shooting date (even if this is approximate).
What is the subject of the shoot – people, cars, property etc
Do you require video, stills photography or both?