Questions you may need to ask me


I work for creative content and weddings. These two sections I estimate individually to exact project  + travel expenses

Creative Project:

Art / Exhibition / Documentary / Commercial / Corporate / Conference / Interview / Music / Short / Social Media / Talk / Testimonial / Visual / Wild Life

Send me your Screenplay or Concept Synopsis then I’ll send you in return Total Estimate Quote to exact project

Wedding Film Packages?

The original and unique story that is created in the faith of my passion

Package 1: Mini

4-6 min Highlight Video

Package 2: Reportage

3 min Highlight Video and about 15 min Short Film

Package 3: Alternative

up to 3 min Black & White Highlight Video – it is my own creative vision that play in my heart

Package 4: Documentary

Destination Videography Reportage – 3min Highlight Video and about 15min Documentary Film; quotes depend on certain location, travel time and its expenses

Package 5: Exclusive

up to 20 min Short Film Story based on screenplay written and directed by me. I need to meet you guys in person to make this happen. We’d have a chat about your hobby, interests or something completely fantastic as a part of your life journey. There is plenty of dramatic subject to touch for instance, Bride Kidnapping or World is Ending, it’s loads to discuss… It’ll be 2-3 shooting days on set covered with two camera operators, location, make up artist, gaffer, costume designer and runner

Timing And Booking?

Just simply ask and I’ll give you respond ASAP. Usually we’ll sign a contract and you’ll pay down payment in advance

Other Creative Projects will be considered after the recce and available budget

Do You Work Remotely Abroad?

I love to be in motion so journey itself impact creatively on the final effect of my work

Do You Do Session Before The Wedding Day?

Yes but only within Destination Project. It means that I am going on trip with you and it’ll be a lot of fun! Feel free to ask more

What Information Do You Need To Shoot For Other Creative Project?

I need all possible details about your shoot:

Location – even if you don’t know the actual location just the type i.e urban, rural etc. Proposed schedule or shooting date (even if this is approximate).
What is the subject of the shoot – people, cars, property etc
Do you require video, stills photography or both?

Shall We Meet?

Sure! Let’s pop out for coffee

Otherwise we can chat on Skype, WhatsApp etc